Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What are the affects of AIDS/HIV?

HIV can easily become AIDS. When you have AIDS you have very few white blood cells. The affects of AIDS are very numerous. It affects the society because families loose children and children loose parents. Businesses also loose employees because of death from AIDS. It affects the immune system majorly. The common cold could easily kill an infected person. People don't die from the AIDS itself. They get a different illness that they can't fight off because their bodies aren't strong enough.

How do you contract HIV/AIDS?

AIDS and HIV can't be spread by talking to someone who has it or by sharing a drink. It can be spread by sexual contact with an infected person. It can also be spread by using the same needle as an infected person or touching an infected person's open sore to your own. HIV can be spread through child birth. That is why many children are born with HIV, most likely their mother had it also. I think it would be horrible to be a mother and find out that your baby has HIV and you passed it to them through birth.

What is the most affected region of AIDS/HIV?

Sub-Saharan Africa is affected by HIV and AIDS more than any other region of the world. There are aproxamantly 24.5 million people living with AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa out of about 34.3 million people that are affected by HIV/AIDS in the world. This means that two-thirds of all people living with HIV are found in Sub-Saharan Africa, even though this region contains only a little more than 10% of the world’s population. During 2007 alone, about 1.5 million adults and children died as a result of AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa. Since the beginning of the epidemic, more than 15 million Africans have died from AIDS. Sadly, it is expected that the AIDS death toll in Sub-Sahran Africa will continue to increase.